Back west in August

Campsite at night

In August I headed back to see family and friends in Belgium, Holland and Israel. Despite bringing my camera and lenses along, few photos were taken. However, during my stay in Israel my father and I escaped to Jordan for a couple of nights including a visit to Wadi Rum (if that doesn’t ring any bells, think ‘Lawrence of Arabia’). The scenery was stunning and other-worldly and the sky at night, so full of detail.
set of photos from Jordan
set of photos from Israel which includes photos from my previous trip there in 2009

Soi dogs

Soi dogs

‘Soi dog’ is the Thai name for street dogs. A 'soi’ is a more residential street that branches off the busier boulevards. The dogs are more active at night and although Thais are increasingly purchasing dogs as pets, these stray dogs are most often treated with contempt. 
The photo was taken with flash and a 5 second exposure.

Bawgyo Paya Pwe, Myanmar

Manual merry-go-round

Taken at Bawgyo Paya Pwe, 8 miles from Hsipaw. This festival spans over the 4 days preceding the last full moon of the Buddhist calendar. People from all over congregate around the Pagoda. Some come to pay hommage to the four statues of Buddha that can only be viewed during this time of year whilst others just come for the festive atmosphere.