Trip to Sumatra - June/July 2011

Hawkers at the bus terminal

The above photo was taken in Medan whilst anxiously waiting to hit the road.

I spent 24 memorable days in Sumatra travelling with a friend. I hit some of the same spots I did in 2009: relaxing Samosir island and Berastagi where I climbed Sibayak volcano for a second time. After chilling with the Batak we headed north towards the Gayo highlands in Aceh with a first stop in Ketambe, an entry point to Gunung Leuser National Park where we got to see some wild Orang Utans. 
After a one night stop in Blangkejeren, we spent 5 days in friendly Takengon surrounded by stunning landscapes. There was barely a tourist in town and my very basic knowledge Bahasa was truely put to the test as few locals speak much English, even in the guesthouses. If you can’t deal with the South East Asian heat and wish to get away from the backpacker trail, this place is just perfect.
Here is a link to a selection of photos taken on the trip: